Vol. 10 No. 1
Studies on effect of interval of basin watering in ber cv. Banarasi Karka through farmers’ acceptable approach
Author(s): S. N. GHOSH, B. BERA AND S. ROY
Abstract: An investigation was made to find out the effect of interval of watering on control of fruit drop and to improve the yield in ber cv. Banarasi Karka cultivar of ber grown in laterite soil. There were six treatments which included as application of basin watering @ 60 litres/plant, applied at 15, 20, 25, 30 days (at two different dates )interval and no watering (control). Tree basin was mulched with grasses in all the treatments including control. The result of two years of investigation revealed that basin watering @ 60 liters /plant at 20 days interval started from 20th October and continued upto 5th January resulted in highest fruit retention (42%) which consequently resulted in highest fruit yield of 14.6 kg/plant as against 6.2 kg-1/plant in control. Maximum in fruit weight, pulp percentage and ascorbic acid content in fruit were also significantly noted from plants, watered at 20 days interval.
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