Vol. 10 No. 1
Efficacy of Kappaphycus and Gracilaria sap on growth and yield improvement of sesame in new alluvial soil
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted during pre-kharif season of 2012 and 2013 with the focal objectives of studying the efficacy of seaweed saps derived from two marine algae viz. Kappaphycus and Gracilaria on growth and yield improvement of sesame;, nutrient uptake by the crop and monetary advantage. The foliar spray was performed thrice at different concentrations (0, 2.5, 5.0, 10.0 and 15.0% v/v) of seaweed extracts. Such application of seaweed extracts significantly enhanced the growth and yield parameters. The highest seed yield was evidenced with the combined applications of 15% Kappaphykus sap and 75% recommended dose of fertilizer (RDF) and this treatment was closely followed by the application of 15% Gracilaria sap alongwith 75% RDF. The maximum net monetary return (`28650) and benefit: cost ratio (1.99) were documented with this treatment. Nutrient uptake (N, Pand K) was also increased with seaweed extract applications.
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