Vol. 10 No. 1
Evaluation of traditional rice cultivars of Sri Lanka for some yield components and grain yield in Yala and Maha seasons
Abstract: One hundred Sri Lankan traditional rice cultivars were evaluated in two consecutive seasons of 2011/2012 ‘Maha’ and 2012 ‘Yala’ seasons for yield and yield components. Analysis of data through ANOVA and mean separation using SAS statistical software reveals that in ‘Maha’season, 73 cultivars recorded higher plant height, eight cultivars showed more, number of tillers plant-1, 43 cultivars had more number of fertile tillersplant-1 fertility percentage was more in twenty nine cultivars and yield per plant-1 was high for thirty five cultivars. Number of productive tillers per plant and fertility percentage remained unchanged for 36 and 60 cultivars respectively in two seasons. Forty four cultivars showed higher yield per plant-1 in Yala season than at Maha season while thirty two cultivars remained more or less same in their regards. According to DMRT groupings, all the parameters of cultivar Hondarawala, Karayal I, Dewaredderi, Kotathavalu II, Kokuvellai, Karayal III, Karabewa, Muthumanikam, Induru Karayal, Dik wee 328, Maha Murunga Badulla, Kaharamana and Jamis wee I changed significantly at two seasons. Among them cultivar Hondarawala, Kotathavalu II, Kokuvellai, Karayal III, Karabewa, Muthumanikam, Dik wee 328 and Jamis wee I increased all the parameters in ‘Maha’ season compared to those of in ‘Yala’ season. Interestingly, the days to maturity of these cultivars were around four months. The best rice cultivars can be selected based on the performances of them in ‘Yala’and ‘Maha’ seasons.
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