Vol. 10 No. 2
Performance and profitability study of different mango based intercropping systems in Easternghat high land zone of Odisha
Author(s): S. C. Swain
Abstract: An intercropping experiment comprising of nine treatements such as mango ginger, turmeric, tomato, cowpea, frenchbean, ragi, niger, upland paddy and control (without intercrop) was laid out in Randomized Block Design with three replications to assess the effect of various intercrops on the performance of mango in the rainfed uplands of Odisha. The results of the study revealed that the mango + guava +cowpea intercropping system exhibited better performance which has been reflected in the form of plant height, girth, canopy area, fruit weight and fruit yield of mango closely followed by mango + guava + frenchbean system. The mango plants, under study, however, did not exhibit any kind of variation in quality parameters in fruits. The leguminous intercrops, cowpea and frenchbean, were the most effective crop because of their desirable impact on improvement of nutrient status of soil and plant of mango orchard. Highest LER was obtained with mango + guava +cowpea intercropping system (4.17) followed by mango + guava + frenchbean. The highest benefit, cost ratio (2.02) was recorded in the mango + guava + cowpea intercropping systems, which was almost similar to that of mango + guava + turmeric, mango + guava + frenchbean and mango + guava + tomato......
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