Vol. 10 No. 2
Persistence behaviour of tetraconazole in watermelon
Author(s): A. Kundu, S. Mukherjee, B. Ghosh, A. Goon, S. Roy, K. Chakrabarti and A. Bhattacharyya
Abstract: A field study was conducted to observe the persistence behavior of tetraconazole on watermelon, at University Research Farm, Mondouri, Nadia, West Bengal season the season of 2013. The commercial formulation oftetraconazole (DOMARK 3.8 % EW w/w) was applied at the rate of 40 ga.i.ha-1 (recommended dose i.e. T ) and 80 g a.i. ha-1 (double the recommended dose i.e. T ) along with untreated control. The average recovery of tetraconazole was100.3% in plant and 97 % in fruit matrix.The calculated half-life (t1/2) value of tetrazonazole ranged 1.36 – 1.55 days. No residue of the fungicide was found in the watermelon fruit samples at harvest. This study revealed that watermelon fruit may safely be recommended for human consumption..
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