Vol. 11 No. 2
Assessment of genetic variability, interrelationship, direct and indirect effect of seedling characters on fibre yield of jute under rainfed and irrigated condition
Abstract: Sixty genotypes of Corchorus olitorius were evaluated in rainfed as well as irrigated condition in field and pot culture to assess genetic variability, interrelationship between seedling characters and their direct and indirect effect on fibre yield. The seedling characters like root length, root volume, shoot length, root fresh weight, root dry weight, shoot fresh weight, shoot dry weight, leaf fresh weight and leaf dry weight showed significant positive correlation with one another and with fibre yield in field and pot under rainfed condition.While, in irrigated condition except shoot length, shoot fresh weight and shoot dry weight, rest of the characters revealed significant positively correlated with fibre yield. The root as well as shoot length in both the conditions in field and pot showed high heritability accompanied by high genetic advance indicating preponderance of additive gene action in controlling these characters and as a result these characters may be selected directly for improvement. In rainfed condition, shoot dry weight scored highest positive direct effect on fibre yield and it was followed by leaf fresh weight, root length, shoot length and root dry weight under pot culture whilein field,it was root fresh weight followed by shoot fresh weight, root volume, shoot length and leaf fresh weight. These characters could be use directly and effectively for the further improvement of fibre yield in moisture stress environment through evaluating stress tolerant lines.
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