Vol. 11 No. 2
Exploring the distribution pattern of rural labour migration and its impact on agriculture
Abstract: The study was conducted in villages namely Chengerkuthi Khalisamari, Choto Khalisamari and Jatamari of Coochbehar district of West Bengal to identify the distributional pattern of different types of rural migration and its effects on rural agriculture. The finding of the study indicates that, due to high remunerative and regularity of income the youth and middle age group are more attracted for migration, as a results of it labour crisis becomes an emerging problem of agricultural sector. These consequences results for increasing numbers of farm child labour. Less land-human ratio and high cost of cultivation repeals the rural population towards the bright street light of industrialized urban culture. Due to transformational change of occupation (from monolithic agriculture to versatile urbanized job opportunity) rural-urban type migration is most dominating. The tremendous influx of rural labour migration process radically affects the choice of cropping pattern, investment for agriculture and farm activities, labour sharing pattern of farm ecology. Level of women employment has increased on migrant households, particularly on poor households; however, work load of women has also increased.
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