Vol. 13 No. 1
Influence of bio-fertilizer and liquid organic manures on growth, fruit quality and leaf mineral content of mango cv. Himsagar
Abstract: A field trail was conducted at Regional Research Station, Gayespur, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, West Bengal, India during two successive seasons of 2014-2015 to investigate the influence of different fertilization sources (chemical, organic and biofertilizer) on growth, yield, fruit quality of mango trees cv. Himsagar, as well as to asses leaf mineral nutrient status of respective tree and soil health condition of the orchard. Results revealed that different treatments of biofertilizer along with Panchagavya significantly increased the canopy spread, fruit weight, yield and bio-chemial qualities while minimum results recorded from trees treated with chemical fertilizers and control plant. Among the different treatments of biofertilizer, [Azotobacter chorococcum + Azospirillum brasilense + AM (Glomus musseae) + Panchagavya 3%] showed maximum fruit weight (237.12 g), yield (42.14 kg plant-1) and fruit biochemical qualities like TSS (19.70° Brix) and total sugars (13.41%) along with prolonged shelf life of 10 days. The same treatment also exhibited maximum content for soil bacterial population and available N, P and K both in soil and leaf while minimum results obtained from control plants followed by chemical fertilizer. So, for getting higher yield and quality produce from mango by maintaining soil health condition, biofertilizer along with liquid organic manure (Azotobacter chorococcum + Azospirillum brasilense + AM + Panchagavya 3%) may be a good alternative for the mango-growers.
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