Vol. 13 No. 2
Packaging materials for seed storage in Indian beanĀ - Genotypic response
Abstract: Seeds of six locally cultivated distinct types of Indian bean bean were harvested at field maturity, sundried at about 8 per cent moisture content and stored in different containers viz., metal container, aluminium foil, polythenernpacket, cloth bag and earthen pot having almost no air space within the containers, and such containers were kept in ambient condition. Pre-storage seed quality parameters were assessed for harvest fresh seeds along with itsrnmoisture content (about 8%). Destructive sampling was made after 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of storage. Consideration of performance of individual genotypes indicated the existence of variation in its response for all the parametersrnstudied. Germination (%) of seeds was maximum for all the genotypes when stored in aluminium foil and metal containers. Lowest germination was noted for seeds stored in earthen pot irrespective of the genotypes. Vigourrnindex with significantly highest magnitude was determined when seeds were stored in both metal container and aluminium foil for 12 months, with the exception in genotype 3, for which safe storage of the seed upto 12 monthsrnwas noted for aluminium foil and polythene packets. Reduction in both the parameters was consistent with the advancement of storage period irrespective of the containers. Therefore, both aluminium foil and metal containerrncan be recommended in general for better seed storage in Indian bean bean, though some genotype specific preference could be recognized for polythene packet.
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