Vol. 13 No. 2
Assessment of pattern in seed deterioration during ambient storage in some Brassica genotypes
Abstract: The present investigation was undertaken during 2012-13 and 2013-14 to assess the pattern of seed deterioration in some Brassica genotypes during ambient storage. Decline in germination potential of seeds under ambient storage was slow up to 15 months maintaining more than minimum seed certification standards; though varied among the genotypes. The rate of deterioration was found to be genotype specific as could be evident from its declining trend in germination potential and vigour index. Highest germination was recorded as 96 per cent, which continued from pre-storage stage to nine months of storage when average was made over the genotypes, then declined with increasing rate and it was recorded as lowest on completion of storage duration. Average vigour status of seed was determined as maximum for Jhumka followed by that of Benoy and White Flower, seeds produced after Agrani were of lowest vigour status. Harvest fresh seeds i.e., seeds at pre-storage condition exhibited highest vigour status followed by that after three months’ storage with non-significant reduction, when average was made over the genotypes, then reduction was slow up to nine months, faster up to fifteen months and then drastically reduced at eighteen months’ storage.
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