Vol. 13 No. 2
Varietal response to Sauerkraut preparation
Abstract: Fresh mature heads of six varieties of cabbage viz., Mohar-2, Fast Ball, Shaan, Royal Stone, Red Cabbage and Early Desi cabbage were chopped in small pieces and mixed with 2.5% salt concentration and allowed to ferment at ambient condition and quality of each variety was assessed. There exists significant variation of quality parameters among the varieties of fresh cabbage. pH of Fast Ball remained maximum throughout the period of fermentation from 7th day to 28th day while sauerkraut prepared out of Shaan was found to be least throughout the period of fermentation. Total soluble solids of Red cabbage remained higher throughout the fermentation period. Acidity and lactic acid of fermented sauerkraut of all the varieties increased up to 21 day of fermentation and thereafter it decreased marginally. The acidity and lactic acid of Shaan was high and reached a maximum of 2.00 and 2.82 per cent respectively on 21st day. This was followed by Mohar-2, Royal Stone, Fast Ball, Red Cabbage and Early Desi Cabbage. On 28th day highest acidity and lactic acid of 1.89 and 2.66 per cent respectively was observed in Shaan while least acidity and lactic acid of 1.34 and 1.89 per cent was noted in Early Desi cabbage. Ascorbic acid content on 7th day was significantly high in varieties Shaan and Royal stone while low ascorbic acid was recorded in Redrncabbage and Early Desi cabbage .It increased gradually in all the varieties up to 21 days except in Red cabbage and thereafter it declined. On 28th day maximum ascorbic acid was observed in Shaan and minimum in Early Desi cabbage. Sensory score for colour, texture, flavour and overall acceptability remained maximum in Shaan throughout the period of fermentation. Thus Shaan was found to be most suitable for sauerkraut preparation among the varieties studies because of attaining high acidity and lactic acid within 21 day of fermentation and obtaining appropriate level of pH, TSS and possessing high ascorbic acid in the fermented product.
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