Vol. 13 No. 2
Corn oil research and improvement: A review
Abstract: Corn germ oil is an industrial product characterized by high polyunsaturated fatty acids, low saturated fatty acids, essential amino acids, fatty acids, polysterols and tocopherols. Oil is a specialty trait for plant breeders in maize which is also useful and unique. Generally, in high oil genotypes the high oil in kernel is associated with low starch, reduced endosperm and kernel size. Temperate x Tropical (HO) QPM derived lines, HKI Tall and AF-04-B-5796-A-7-1-1 are inbreds registered as sources of maize oil in India. An elaborate study to decipher the genetic control and inheritance of oil and yield related traits in maize is essential for high oil corn breeding. A combination of conventional breeding methods, marker-assisted selection and transgenic approach can aid in developing high-yielding genotypes with enhanced oil content. This paper attempts to review research options to develop specialty maize with high oil and good grain yield.
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