Vol. 14 No. 1
Response of nutrient and cutting management for quality and green yield of Palak (Beta vulgaris var. bengalensis)
Author(s): P. K. NAYAK AND S. MAJI
Abstract: The present experiment was carried out to minimize the cost of production of Palak by more number of cuttings instead of repeated sowing and to get more yield from same piece of land during a short period of time. Different sources of nutrient Viz., Urea, Vermi-compost, FYM and Kitchen waste manure) were applied for feeding the crops after each cuttings viz., single, twice and thrice). The results from this experiment revealed that the two times cutting is beneficial for taking more yield as three times cutting showed a decrease in leaf yield and quality although, produced more number of leaves. Among the various sources of manuring vermicompost application was found to be the best for enhancing gworth, yield and quality of palak leves followed by kitchen waste manure prepared from composting of waste materials of kitchen which are mostly organic. Thus, repeated two times cutting in combination with vermicompost manuring may be suggested for getting more quality yield of palak from same land area without repeated sowing.
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