Date for submission of Abstract for 6th International Conference AISDGONF-2023 extended to 31st January, 2023
Vol. 14 No. 1
Management of root knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) race 2 in cowpea through bio-agents.
Abstract: The outcome of the experiment conducted at the Central Research Farm, Gayeshpur during 2016 and 2017 on different bioagents against root knot nematode in cowpea exposed that amendment of soil with bioagents i.e. Pseudomonas fluorescens @ 20 g m-2 and Purpureocillium lilacinum @ 20 g m-2 along with neemcake @ 100g m-2 has given higher cowpea yield (3.69 t ha-1 and 3.64 t ha-1) than the solitary application of the bioagents (2.64 t ha-1 and 2.50 t ha-1). Application of neemcake in soil restricted the nematode multiplication with higher yield of 2.82 t ha-1 that was obtained from solitary application of neemcake @ 100 g m-2. The final soil nematode populations was significantly found less in number (133.5 and145.4 per 200 cc soil) where the bioagents were applied as treatments with neemcake. However, in terms of incremental cost benefit ratio, application of carbofuran 3G was found more effective than the bioagents along with neemcake.
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