Vol. 14 No. 3
Influence of manures, biofertilizers along with graded levels of inorganic nitrogen and phosphorous on growth, yield and quality of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)
Author(s): M. Chanchan, D. K. Ghosh and J. K. Hore
Abstract: The investigation was carried out during 2012-14 at HRS, Mondouri, BCKV, Nadia, West Bengal to find out the effect of bio-fertilizers with different levels of inorganics and type of manures. The experiment as laid out in RBD with three replications. Two organic manures (compost and vermicompost), two biofertilizers (Azospirillum lipoferum and Glomus fasiculatum) and three levels (100%, 75% and 50%) of NP were included in this experiment along with recommended dose of NPK (150:60:150 kg ha-1). The uniform dose of potash was applied to all treatments. Among different treatments, maximum tiller number (3.40), leaf number (18.49), clump weight (378.38 g), projected yield (34.85 t ha-1 ) and dry recovery (23.45%) were noticed in vermicompost + NP (75%)+ Azospirillum+ AMF. The same treatment also recorded maximum root colonization (55.24%, 73.50% and 79.68%) and maximum bacterial population (118.67× 106, 106.03 × 106, 97.41× 106 CFU/g of soil) at 120, 180 DAP and after harvest respectively. Application of vermicompost + NP (100%) + Azospirillum + AMF recorded maximum oleoresin (11.31%). The plants raised with compost+ NP (100%)+ Azospirillum+ AMF recorded maximum curcumin (6.69%). Application of recommended dose of inorganic NPK recorded yield of 27.63 t ha-1 .
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