Vol. 15 No. 1
Evaluation of some watermelon hybrids and cultivars under Lateritic Belt of West Bengal
Abstract: Watermelon is a promising vegetable crop grown in Red and Laterite Zone of West Bengal. Farmers mostly grow ‘Sugar Baby’ and often saved the seed that leads to poor quality, low productivity and less market return. Eleven F1 hybrids along with three open pollinated watermelon cultivars were assessed for various growth, yield and quality attributes under in Horticulture Farm, Sriniketan during summer 2016. Significant variations were noted for all the studied traits among watermelon cultivars. Shaktiman was recorded longest vines and maximum branching. Sugar Baby was noted early to flowering. Hachimichhi produced maximum number of fruits per plant; while Shaktiman recorded highest yield per plant. Arka Manik and ISHQ were recorded maximum TSS content and Shaktiman recorded highest total sugar content. Watermelon cultivar Sugar Baby and three hybrids, Shaktiman, Indam Cannonball and Kajal, were suggested for cultivation during summer season.
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