Vol. 15 No. 1
Study on the performance of mungbean varieties in the New Alluvial Zone of West Bengal
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted to study the performance of twelve green gram varieties during the summer season of 2014 and 2015 at the Jaguli Instructional Farm of BCKV, Nadia, West Bengal. The experiment was laid out in RBD with three replications. Among varieties, Meha exhibited the highest seed yield 1171.35 kg ha-1 while the lowest seed yield 760.05 kg ha-1 was obtained with PM 09-6 variety. The highest yield in Meha was characterized by more number of pods per unit area and higher dry matter accumulation. The results indicated that the variety Meha which was significantly superior to other mungbean varieties with harvest index 27.20%, and the Benefit-Cost ratio of 2.80. Therefore, it can be concluded that most of the mungbean varieties performed satisfactorily and gave good seed yield and variety Meha is the best option to be grown during summer season under the agro-climatic conditions of New Alluvial Zone of West Bengal.
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