Vol. 15 No. 3
Comparative seasonal influence of Kuliana lime for fruit and yield parameters under Bhubaneswar condition
Author(s): S. MISHRA AND D.K. DASH
Abstract: Kuliana lime is an elite cultivar of Odisha. This research was conducted at Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology during 2016–17 to study the physiological and biometrical observations on fruit and yield attributes. The best season for yield has determined on the idea of seasonal performances as inter-seasonal variation has tremendous effect for yield. Spring season produced the best effect for fruit weight (32.11 g), specific gravity (1.30 g.cc-1), fruit set (91.6 per cent), fruit retention (25.18 per cent), fruit per plant (132.80), yield plant-1 (4.24 kg) and less duration for fruit maturity (113.44). Rainy season performs better with respect to fruit size (length and diameter was 4.68 cm and 4.39 cm respectively) and fruit volume (29.68 cc). Our results illustrated that the climactic condition was optimum during the spring season in fruit and yield attributes hence suggested to take up bahar treatment to induce the spring season flowering for better yield.
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