Vol. 15 No. 3
Climate change perception and productivity of rice: the ground truth verification of two selected villages of Bankura district of West Bengal
The present study entitled “Climate Change Perception and Productivity of Rice: The Ground Truth Verification of Two Selected Villages of Bankura District” was conducted at Seulipahari village of Chhatna Block and Bathan Tora village of Onda block under Bankura district with some specific objectives viz. to study the socio-economic profile of paddy growers in the study areas, to compare the cultivation practices of farmers within a span of 10-15 years, to elicit the perception of farmers regarding climate change, to point out the coping strategies adopted by farmers for mitigating the problems of climate change and to find out the problems they are facing in cultivation and suggestions made by farmers and compare those based on their experience. Data has been collected through personal interview methods from different categories of 70 farmers randomly selected, 35farmers from each village with the help of a structured interview schedule in the month of June 2018. For analysis of data frequency, percentage, ranking and rank correlation was done. The study reveals that yield, profit has increased from the years 2004-‘05 to 2017-‘18 but as well as the flora, fauna, fish, bird biodiversity has been decreased very much. And the disease-pest-weed occurrence also increased very much. Farmers perceived that these are happening due to the change of global climate. To redress the adverse effects of climate change, they have adopted some coping strategies. Rank correlation of young age respondents and middle and elder age has become significant in case of their perceived problems and suggestions.
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