Vol. 16 No. 2
Use of leguminous cover crop and banana bio-mat mulch for quality production of guava cv. Sardar (L-49)
Abstract: The experiment was carried out at ICAR-AICRP on Fruits, BCKV during 2016-17 to investigate the effects of leguminous cover crop (LCC)+banana bio-mat mulch (BBM, webbed leaf sheath of banana) and black polythene mulch (BPM) on growth, yield and fruit quality of 3 years old guava plant cv. Sardar (L-49), compared with conventional practice (CP, no LCC & BBM) as control. Treatments with LCC+BBM and BPM showed significantly better plant growth, yield and fruit quality of guava over control. The plants recorded increase in height (142.74%) and girth (122.73%) due to LCC+BBM treatments over control, while BPM treatment recorded increase in canopy volume (494.87%) over control. Maximum yield (26.53 kg plant-1) with an increase of 7.84 kg plant-1 over control and improvement of quality of fruit were recorded due to BPM and LCC+BBM and the effects of both the treatments were statistically at par. The estimated benefit:cost ratio was higher (3.15) due to LCC+BBM, compared to BPM(3.09). Both LCC and BBM were bio-degradable and added organic matter and nutrients to the soil, suppressed weed growth and conserved soil moisture, while the BMP was effective for weed growth suppression and moisture conservation but was non-degradable and could not add organic matter and nutrients to soil. Therefore, leguminous cover crop + banana bio-mat (webbed leaf sheath) was recommended as an eco-friendly, viable and organic mulching practice for better plant growth, yield and fruit quality of guava grown in the Gangetic Alluvial region of West Bengal.
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