Vol. 16 No. 2
Performance of hydrogel on post planting behavior of young coffee cv. CXR
Author(s): K. MOTE AND N. GOKAVI
Abstract: A field trial was conducted to know the effect of hydrogel on growth, survival and performance of young coffee seedlings (cv. CX R) under field condition. Prior to planting in the main field seedlings were exposed to the hydrogel at polybag stage and the best performed treatment seedlings were taken for planting in the main field. At polybagstage, among the different levels of hydrogel,seedlings received hydrogel 1 gm/ per polybag performed well compared to rest of the treatments. At field, observation on growth parameters showed significant difference among the different levels of hydrogel. Similarly, data on soil moisture and relative water contents (leaf) indicated that experiment plot planted with the seedlings which were pre-exposed to hydrogel 1 gram per polybag/ seedling at nursery level recorded higher soil moisture and relative water contents as compared to plots planted with normal seedlings. Further, among the different levels of hydrogel applied at main field, plants received hydrogel10 g/plant/year registered significantly higher soil moisture (20.04, 18.54 and 17.24 %) and relative water contents (77.58, 75.64 and 70.97 % ) followed by plants received hydrogel 5 g plant-1 year-1 ( 18.38, 16.75 and 15.29 % and 74.31, 70.94 and 68.85 % ),respectively during all the month of observation. Interaction effect showed higher soil moisture and relative water contents in seedling treated with hydrogel [1 g poly bag-1 (Seedling)] with plants received hydrogel 10 g plant-1 year-1 at main field. So it can be concluded that application of hydrogel conserved water thereby increasing the soil’s capacity for water storage, ensuring more available water, relative water content in leaves and plant growth increased under water stress condition.
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