Vol. 17 No. 1
Effect of secondary hardening media on the performance of in-vitro raised banana plantlets cv. Grand Naine
Abstract: The present experiment was conducted at the Instructional Farm of Dept. of Pomology and Postharvest Technology, Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Pundibari, Cooch Behar, West Bengal during the year 2017-2019. The different hardening media used for the present study were Soilrite, Coco peat, Vermiculite, Vermicompost, Perlite and Sand, which were used in different combinations to study the effect of secondary hardening media on field survivability, vegetative growth and yield performances of the in-vitro plantlets in the field condition. The treatments having the secondary hardening media combination of (Sand + Vermiculite + Vermicompost; 1:1:1) gave significant result with respect to the field survivability (93.33%), vegetative growth and development including plant height (210.37 cm), numbers of suckers (5), maximum number of leaves (17) with pseudostem girth (67.13 cm) and also higher yield attributes including maximum hand weight (2.79 kg), fruit diameter (38.33 mm), maximum fingers per bunch (190.00), pulp weight (90.20 g) and a desirable yield of 25.18 kg/plant. Among the quality parameters, T4: Sand + Vermiculite + Vermicompost (1:1:1) recorded the maximum values for TSS (19.00 %) and ascorbic acid (13.33 mg100g-1) for major biochemical characters related to fruit quality.
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