Vol. 17 No. 1
Pre-sowing seed priming effect on seed quality parameters of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) under storage condition
Abstract: The objective of this study was to find out seed quality deterioration pattern under storage condition. Different seed priming treatments were adopted before sowing of seeds to produce quality seeds during Rabi 2017-18 and the harvested seeds were kept under storage condition during 2018-19. Seeds were treated with four concentrations of KNO3 [viz. T1-0.5% of KNO3, T2- 0.25% of KNO3, T3-0.1% of KNO3, T4-hydrated seed (control)] and three durations of soaking [viz. D1-12 hours of soaking, D2-16 hours of soaking, D3-20 hours of soaking]. Treated seeds were sown in the field and replicated thrice. After harvest, seeds were kept under ambient storage condition and seed quality parameters were studied at three months interval upto next year of sowing. It was revealed that among the seed quality parameters seeds harvested from the treatment combination T3D2 (0.1% of KNO3+16 hours of soaking) showed maximum germination percentage (100%), seedling length (21.30 cm), vigour index (2130) and minimum electrical conductivity (1.267mScm-1) immediately after harvest. Seeds harvested from the treatment combination T3D2 also showed maximum values of the above characters even nine months after storage.
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