Vol. 17 No. 1
Response of brinjal to FYM, mulch and irrigation under Palam valley conditions
Author(s): K. KAUR, M. SETH AND S. SINGH
Abstract: An investigation was conducted during kharif season of 2014 on silty clay loam soil of Palampur, Himachal Pradesh to study the effect of different levels of FYM, mulch and irrigation on growth, yield, root parameters and economics of brinjal. The result of the study indicated that preplanting incorporation of FYM at the rate of 10 t ha-1 and plastic mulching followed by surface irrigation of 4 cm depth at five day interval resulted in significant improvement in growth, root parameters and fruit yield of brinjal as compared to other treatments. Incorporation of 10 t ha-1 FYM and irrigation of 4 cm depth resulted in improvement in net returns and net returns per rupee invested. Although higher gross returns were obtained with use of plastic mulch but net returns and net returns per rupee invested were higher in organic mulch.
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