Vol. 17 No. 1
Characterization of some upland rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes under varying level of Phosphorus
Author(s): A. SYAM, R. DAS, S. DAS AND RAMESH R.
Abstract: Phosphorus nutrition has a dynamic role in the growth and development of rice but it often becomes a restraining factor for crop productivity due to its low availability and strong fixation to soil particles. The study was carried out in AAU, Jorhat to characterize and identify some suitable upland rice genotypes for low P condition. A reduction in plant height and other morphological parameters was recorded at low dose of phosphorus treatment. PUE and P uptake was decreased under low P due to poor root development. Grain yield and related yield attributing traits were found to be less under low P condition but was superior in the genotype Maipholong.Results obtained during investigation revealed that low P had significant influence on various morpho-physiological and biochemical parameters. Amongst the genotypes, Maipholong, Kasalath and Ronga Ahu was found to be least affected by low P condition due to their better phosphorus utilization capability.
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