Vol. 17 No. 1
Comparative growth performance of rohu (Labeo rohita) fed with low cost feeds using locally available animal proteins in Purulia district of West Bengal
Abstract: The present study was done to formulate a low-cost fish feed using locally available animal protein wastes. To evaluate the efficacy of three different animal waste added feeds (containing fish meal, snail meat and silk worm pupae respectively) against conventional feed (containing rice bran, mustard oil cake and ground nut oil cake used as control) for fingerlings of IMC, Rohu, Labeo rohita, Cyprinidae. Twelve aquariums (50 L capacity) filled with ground water (PH7-8) were used for the experiment for 3 months during July - September, 2019. The feeds were formulated on the basis of crude protein requirement of Rohu. Proximate composition of the above mentioned ingredients and formulated feeds were analyzed in respect to moisture, ash, crude fibre, fat and crude protein content. Fish survival was 100 % in all the treatments. Evaluation of the diets was carried out on the basis of weight gain, percent weight gain, food conversion ratio, condition factor, specific growth rate. It was observed that crude protein level among different animal wastes, fish meal recorded highest (52.84%) followed by silk warm pupae (52.79%) and lowest in snail meal (43.33%).The specific growth rate of rohu was significantly highest in T4 followed by T2 and T3 and lowest in T1. There was significant difference in weight gain, percent weight gain, FCR and K. No significant difference in length gain. and significant difference in specific growth rate was observed when fish fed with silk worm pupae or snail meal or fish meal. The study suggests that these low-cost feeds can be applied for increasing fish production in West Bengal, Purulia in particular.
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