Vol. 19 No. 1
Combining ability and heterosis for fibre yield, fibre quality and yield attributing traits in tossa jute (Corchorus olitorius L.) under normal and drought conditions
Abstract: Combining ability and heterosis analysis was carried out with 9 parents including 6 lines and 3 testers, in line x tester design in Corchorus olitorius L. under normal and drought condition. The significance of GCA variance was found in days to 50% flowering, stomatal breadth at 45 and 75 days, plant height and fineness under normal and drought, stomatal breadth at 30 days, node number, base and top diameter in normal and green weight, dry stick weight and fibre weight in drought. The significant SCA variance was observed in all the traits in both the conditions except for base diameter in normal and days to 50% flowering in drought. Under drought, OIJ 177 was found good combiner for node number, mid diameter, green and fibre weight, while, JRO 632 was superior for node number and length, mid and top diameter, green weight, dry stick and fibre weight. JRO524 X OIJ177, JRO632 X OEX29, OIN970 X OIJ177, JRO8432 X OIJ177, JRO3690 X OIN791 and JRO8432 X OEX29 were found having significant desirable SCA effect in drought for a number of yield attributing traits may give rise to useful transgressive segregations in advance generations.
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