Vol. 19 No. 1
Comparative performance of some rice hybrids with few elite rice inbreds in respect of their yield and yield attributing characters during boro season at new alluvial zone of West Bengal
Abstract: Five rice hybrids viz., Arize 6129 Gold, Arize 6444 Gold, Arize Tej, PAN 2423 and PAN 802 were evaluated along with two inbred varieties viz., IET4786 (Shatabdi) and IET 22066(Ajit) in consecutive two boro seasons of 2019-20 and 2020-21 at Rice Research Station, Chinsurah, Hooghly. Highest magnitude for average number of panicle m-2 was noticed in Arize 6444 Gold followed by Arize 6129 Gold, Arize Tej, PAN 802 and PAN 2423 among the rice hybrids. Test weight of grains was found statistically significant among the hybrids as well as in between hybrids and HYVs. The productivity was of highest magnitude for Arize 6444 Gold in boro 2020-21 and also in pooled data followed by Arize 6129 Gold, while it was reverse during boro 2019-20.
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