Vol. 19 No. 1
Effect of NAA and micronutrients on yield and quality of litchi cv. Muzaffarpur under the Arunachal Pradesh foothill
Abstract: Synthetic NAA with different concentrations along with micronutrients (zinc and boron) were investigated on ten years old trees of litchi cv. Muzaffarpur to study their effect on yield and quality parameters of litchi during 2020-21. Results revealed that T8 (NAA @ 25 ppm + 0.5% Borax + 0.5% Zinc sulphate) showed the maximum improvement in yield and quality of fruits, yield plant-1 (24.00 kg), ascorbic acid (25.70 mg 100g-1), maximum TSS (18.75┬║Brix), total sugar (15.70%), reducing sugar (10.05%) with minimum titratable acidity (0.24%). The highest fruit diameter (2.54 cm), fruit volume (18.40 cm3), fruit weight (20.60 g), aril weight (13.24 g) and juice content (9.20 ml) was found in treatment T7 (NAA @ 20 ppm + 0.5% Borax + 0.5% Zinc sulphate) which was at par with T8. Hence, the application of foliar spray with NAA @ 25 ppm + 0.5% Borax + 0.5% zinc sulphate thrice, at post emergence of new flushes, at flowering and after fruit setting has significantly increased the productivity and quality in litchi.
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