Vol. 5 No. 1
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1Growth and yield of fish under high-density stocking and phased harvesting in rice-fish system.
Pages: 01-10
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2Studies on heterosis and yield stability in improved mulberry hybrids under irrigated gangetic alluvial soils of West Bengal.
Pages: 11-18
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3Impact on productivity of mulberry leaf and cocoon under institute village linkage programme in Murshidabad district.
Pages: 19-22
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4Effect of phosphorus on growth, yield and nutrient uptake of rainfed mulberry (Morus alba l.) and its economics in Chotanagpur plateau of Jharkhand.
Pages: 23-26
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5Economics of gherkin production: analyses of returns to fixed factors of production and resource use efficiency in southern karnataka.
Pages: 27-33
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6Effect of potassium on growth, yield and nutrient uptake of mulberry (Morus alba L.) in eastern ghat region of Orissa.
Pages: 34-37
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7Organic farming approach for sustainable quality leaf production in mulberry (Morus alba L.) var. S-1635 under irrigated condition.
Pages: 38-43
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8Effect of planting geometry on leaf yield and quality of mulberry chawki garden.
Pages: 44-47
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9Yield potential and economics of mulberry – based parallel multiple cropping system under irrigated condition.
Pages: 48-52
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10Line × Tester analysis of combining ability in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.).
Pages: 53-57
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11Studies on flowering and receptivity of stigma in mulberry (Morus sp) germplasm.
Pages: 58-60
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12Participation analysis of South Asian rural women towards sustainable development in agriculture.
Pages: 61-66
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13Multivariate genetic divergence in brinjal (Solanum melongena L.).
Pages: 67-70
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14Differential response of clay-organic complex and organic-free clay isolated from mulberry growing brown forest soils towards phosphorus adsorption.
Pages: 71-76
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15Food and nutritional security: how much and for whom?
Pages: 77-82
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16New strategy for quality assessment in Bombyx mori L.(Nistari) through larval critical weight.
Pages: 83-87
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17Growth and yield of lentil (Lens culinaris L.) as affected by boron and molybdenum application in lateritic soil.
Pages: 88-91
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18In vitro mass multiplication with genetic clonality in elephant garlic (Allium ampeloprasum L.).
Pages: 92-96
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19Characterization of different Lycopersicon species
Pages: 97-99
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20Analysing and forecasting trade behaviour of major pesticide trading countries in the world.
Pages: 100-107
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21Manifestation of hybrid vigour in brinjal (Solanum melongena L.).
Pages: 108-110
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22Effect of different levels of boron and molybdenum on growth and yield of mung bean [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek (cv. Baisakhi Mung)] in red and laterite zone of West Bengal.
Pages: 111-114
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23Targetting extension intervention for promotion of sunflower productivity in coastal saline zone of West Bengal.
Pages: 115-119
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24Effect of bio-fertilizers on growth, yield and quality of onion cv. sukhsaga.
Pages: 120-123
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25Identification of suitable early rabi onion varieties under West Bengal condition.
Pages: 124-129
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26Integrated nutrient management on growth, yield and economics of maize (Zea mays L) under terai region.
Pages: 130-133
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27A study on poverty of agricultural households in coastal saline zone of West Bengal.
Pages: 134-140
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28Effect of molybdenum and seed inoculation on nodulation, growth and yield in urdbean [Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper].
Pages: 141-144
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29Identification of heat tolerant lines of tomato under West Bengal condition.
Pages: 145-147
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30F2 segregation pattern for fruit shape and pedicel character in tomato.
Pages: 148-151
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31Biochemical factors for TLCV tolerance in tomato genotypes.
Pages: 152-156
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32Genetic variability, correlation and path analysis of some morphological characters in chilli.
Pages: 157-161
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33Diversification of rice-based cropping system and their impact on energy utilization and system production.
Pages: 162-165
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34Evaluation of ber cultivars for growth, yield and quality in red and laterite zone of West Bengal.
Pages: 166-168
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35Effect of different levels of irrigation and weed management on growth, yield and WUE of hybrid maize on new alluvial zone of West Bengal.
Pages: 169-173
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36Performance of some elite mungbean [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek] mutant families in M7 generation.
Pages: 174-177
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37Participatory wetland management in Loktak lake: a road to sustainable development.
Pages: 178-190
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38Effect of inorganic and biofertilizers on chilli.
Pages: 191-196
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39Adaptation of the alimentary tract to feeding habits in the weed eating fish (grass carp) Ctenopharyngodon idella
Pages: 197-202
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40Effect of mulching on ginger (Zingiber officinale Rose) in the hilly region of Darjeeling district.
Pages: 203-205
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41Effect of anilofos and pendimethalin on the mineralization of carbon and nitrogen in a Haplustept soil of West Bengal.
Pages: 206-212
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42Weed management through leguminous herbs for sustainable leaf production in mulberry (Morus alba L.) var. S-1 under irrigated condition.
Pages: 213-220
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43Efficacy of a new fungicide ‘Trifloxystrobin 25% + Tebuconazole 50%’ 75WG against sheath blight (Rhizoctonia solani Kühn) of rice.
Pages: 221-223
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44Seasonal incidence and control of white fly (Dialeurodes pallida Singh) infestation in betel vine (Piper betle L.).
Pages: 224-228
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45Present status of rice tungro disease in West Bengal: occurrence and characterization of viruses.
Pages: 229-232
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46Observations on the effect of glyphosate based herbicide on ultra structure (SEM) and enzymatic activity in different regions of alimentary canal and gill of Channa punctatus (Bloch).
Pages: 233-242
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47Critical period of weed control in summer groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in gangetic alluvial region in West Bengal.
Pages: 243-247
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48Laboratory evaluation of LC90 values of three insecticides against whitefly Dialeuropora decempuncta (Quaintance and Baker) infesting mulberry.
Pages: 248-250
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49Screening and selection of low grain arsenic (As) accumulating rice germplasms under West Bengal condition.
Pages: 251-254
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50Epidemiological studies of stem rot of betelvine caused by Phytophthora parasitica under closed conservatory condition in West Bengal.
Pages: 255-257
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51Seasonal incidence and control of black fly (Aleurocanthus rugosa Singh) infesting betelvine (Piper betle L).
Pages: 258-263
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52Performance of pre-kharif mungbean genotypes under varying fertility levels in West Bengal.
Pages: 264-266
53Application of biotechnology in natural resource management.
Pages: 267-270
54Effect of lime on soil pH reaction and mulberry leaf productivity.
Pages: 271-273
55Effect of age of seedlings under different system of rice intensification(SRI).
Pages: 274-277
56Effect of organic and inorganic sources of nutrients on rapeseed (Brassica campestris L.) under terai region.
Pages: 278-282
57Performance of aromatic rice varieties under terai region of West Bengal.
Pages: 283-285
58Bamboo (Bambusa sp.) based agroforestry systems under rainfed upland ecosystem.
Pages: 286-290
59Response of finger millet (Eluesine coracana.L.) to organic and inorganic sources of nutrients under rainfed condition.
Pages: 291-293
60Studies on rooting response and survival of different morphotypes of Som plant (Persea bombycina, King ex Hook. F., Kost).
Pages: 294-296
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61Effect of fertilizer levels on growth parameters, yield components and seed cotton yield of Bt cotton hybrids under irrigated condition in TBP area.
Pages: 297-308
62Evaluation of suitable nutrient management over state’s recommendation and farmers’ practice in rice-rice system of cropping.
Pages: 301-304
63Pigeonpea - sesame intercropping systems for sustained production in northern transition zone of Karnataka.
Pages: 305-307
64Effect of different system of rice intensification on yield, water requirement and water use efficiency (WUE).
Pages: 308-310
65Response of Bt cotton hybrids for targeted yield under Northern transitional zone of Karnataka.
Pages: 311-313
66Current status, distribution and ethno-medicinal values of medicinal plant in hilly regions of Darjeeling district of West Bengal.
Pages: 314-319
67Studies on chemical weed control in aerobic rice (Oryza sativa L.).
Pages: 320-323
68Studies on weed management in onion (Allium cepa L.).
Pages: 324-325
69Effect of herbicides and cultural treatments on uptake of major nutrients by crop and weeds under aerobic rice cultivation.
Pages: 326-329
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70Population dynamics of insect pests and their natural enemies in rice seed bed ecosystem.
Pages: 330-332
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